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Founded by Olympian athlete Dan Lyons, Team Concepts is a team building and leadership development company whose mission is to spread the Olympic Spirit of Excellence throughout the business world. With our staff of Olympians, CEO's and leading academics, Team Concepts provides innovative programs based on the Olympic spirit of competition. Experiential programs such as rowing, festival games, stock car racing and movie-making provide the catalyst to creating teams cognizant of their moment-to-moment leadership decision-making process. The Team Concepts cornerstone philosophy is The Eight Secrets of  Inspirational Leadership, which is based on the activation of individual and group potential through the engagement of the human spirit. The philosophy is drawn from decades of experience in building and leading high performance teams in all fields of endeavor. Our training method is called "integrated learning" and is accomplished by combining experiential learning, interactive seminars, motivational speaking, online training (LeadershipOnlineTM and ResilienceOnlineTM) and virtual coaching.

Our staff consists of Olympic athletes and coaches who lead by example and who understand the need for positive leadership and teambuilding exercises in companies all over the world. They have demonstrated their unique ability to create teams that not only succeed, but which set the standard in their endeavors. They have proven experience in showing people just like you how to exceed their limitations and to work collectively toward a common goal.

Team Concepts has found that the most effective training happens with as much "full engagement" as is possible. To achieve this, the company has developed the concept of a catalyst program, which will bring groups together to provide a common language and a shared experience. Following the catalyst program, participants have the option to continue their engagement and their training with access to our unique and powerful online leadership and other online courses. Then they will have the opportunity to take advantage of our "virtual coaching" methodology that will help them retain and apply their leadership training. As you can see, Team Concepts believes in the continued education of our clients in order to maintain a positive working atmosphere.

Team Concepts has established The Eight Secrets of Inspirational Leadership, a revolutionary idea that consists of eight key elements derived from the achievements of its staff. These ideas are based on human nature, which means that they can work for anyone.

The Eight Secrets leads organizations to create and sustain high performance teamwork, inspirational leadership, noble purpose, and energy and spirit among its employees.

Organizations that live by The Eight Secrets achieve goals beyond their expectations and inspire employees to feel fulfilled and motivated.

Each of the elements of this training program will draw on this philosophy.

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